Double Sided Axe File

We reached out to Destsche Feilen und Maschinenfabriken (German File and Machinery Works) for our axe file and they didn’t disappoint.

One side of the file has been double-cut with american fine pattern teeth, and the other side with single-cut american fine pattern teeth. The double-cut teeth provide rapid material removal for re-profiling, or removing dings and nicks form an axe edge. While the single-cut teeth are for finer touch ups, finishing, and deburring. The file has no teeth on its edges to protect adjacent surfaces. The handle has been cut into the end of the file for secure gripping and easy storage, and has a hang hole. Fits neatly into a tool box or your ‘in the field’ axe maintenance kit.

An axe file can be used to sharpen an axe to mid-level sharpness before moving on to a stone to apply a razor finish.


  • High carbon tool steel (German designation C125W2)
  • 225mm long (file 150mm, handle 75mm) 18mm wide and 3mm deep
  • Weight 110g



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